Manufacturing center
Manufacturing Center: Bei’An YeePer Diary Co., Ltd.

Founded in 1995, Beian YeePer Diary Co., Ltd. is a dairy companywhich is specializing in R&D, production and sales of dairy products. The production base is located in the national model eco-city Beian City of Heilongjiang Province at the south foot of the Lesser Khingan on the Songnen plain at 47°degrees north latitude. This region is the internationally recognized golden cow farming belt. Meanwhile, YeePer also has one of the few organic pastures in China.

HAM Co., Ltd.

HAM Co., Ltd. as a new force in the dairy industry was set up in April 2016, with the total investment of about 11.5 billion South Korean won (10 million US dollars). Located in Gwangyang, South Jeolla Province, South Korea, HAM covers an area of about 4,800 square meters and has a 280-square meter laboratory, with the annual output of 5,000 tons. HAM mainly produces and sells infant formula milk powders and other milk powders and modified milk powders. HAM customizes modified milk powder, rice powder and powdered healthcare products according to customer demands. The formula milk powders mainly include the pure sheep milk formula series, the organic formula series and the cow milk formula series. The pure sheep milk formula series won the Monde SelectionGold Award in 2017. HAM has obtained the GMP certification, the HACCP certification, the ISO 22000 quality management system certification, the UKAS international certification and the HALAL certification.

Heilongjiang YeePer Dairy Co., Ltd.

Heilongjiang YeePer Dairy Co., Ltd. is a new company founded after Beian YeePerDairy Co., Ltd. successfully merged Heilongjiang Fuyu Star Food Co., Ltd. The company produces and sells dairy products [milk powders (whole milk powder, modified milk powder and whey powder)], infant formula milk powder, drinks (solid drinks) and food additives (nitrogen).

Sales company
Qingdao Organic Food Co., Ltd.

Qingdao Organic Food Co., Ltd. is a sales company of YeePer Dairy Co., Ltd. which takes full responsibility for the marketing of the own brand of YeePer. At own brands of the company are the Infant Formula Milk Powder of the "YeePer" Brand and the Organic Infant Formula Milk Powder of the "Organic" Brand. The trademark YeePer has been rated as a "Famous Trademark of Heilongjiang Province" and the YeePer products have been rated as "Brand-name Products of Heilongjiang Province". The "Organic" organic milk powder has obtained the Chinese organic certification and the EU organic certification.

Changsha Bekari Food Co., Ltd.

Bekari is a probiotic formula sheep milk powder of 100% pure sheep lactoprotein launched by Beian YeePer Dairy Company Ltd, adopts the probiotic Bb-12 imported from Denmark, OPO vegetable oil from Sweden and balanced formulas to provide pure high-quality dairy products for babies.

Hunan Euland Dairy Co., Ltd.

Hunan Euland Dairy Co., Ltd. mainly sells infant formula foods of Euland. The company comprises many authoritativenutritionist and seasoned personnel in the dairy industry and has many professional departments including the marketing team, the business management team, the brand management team, the training team and the customer service team. Euland products are sold in nearly 6,000 retail stores in more than 10 provinces. The core product Euland Organic Milk Powder has been recognized and well received by more consumers with its unique advantage of "zero pollution and zero additive". It has obtained the national organic product certification for 5 consecutive years. The quality of the product has been underwritten by PICC for 5 consecutive years. The company has won recognition and support from PICC which underwrites every of our products. Euland dairy products embody noble quality and noble life. The company comprises many authoritativenutritionist and seasoned personnel in the dairy industry to provide high-end infant foods for domestic and overseas babies. The company has a first-rate professional marketing team and builds a high-end dairy brand Euland in a high-speed and effective way. The philosophy of the company is to building a leading organic milk powder brand in China to allow more babies to drink organic milk.

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