Talent Concept

Regardless of their positions, all employees are equal. The basic norm of HR management is fairness, equity and openness.

Fairness--The shared values are the norm that we assess the work of employees in a fair way. Putting forward clear challengeable objectives and tasks for every employee is the foundation for us to assess the performance improvement of employees in a fair way. The ability and potential of employees shown in doing their jobs are a more important fair standard than their education background.

Equity--We uphold the principle of giving priority to efficiency and taking equity into account. We encourage all employees compete with each other on a basis of sincere cooperation and commitment to responsibility, and provide equal opportunities and conditions for their development. Every employee should strive for the opportunities provided our company by their efforts and abilities, improve their quality and abilities by working and self-learning, and make achievements by creatively complete and improving their job. We fundamentally get rid of short-sightedand comparing phenomena and egalitarianism in terms of assessment and value distribution.

Openness--We believe that following the open principle is an essential condition to guarantee fairness and equity of HR management. We seek advice and consult in formulating all important policies and systems of our company. Our restrain the idea of working by sheer good luck, make clear comments and improve the transparency in carrying out systems. We fundamentally deny individualistic behaviors which are anarchistic, disorganized and disobedient.

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