YeePer donation ceremony started

YeePer donation ceremony started at 10:00 a.m. The general manager Mou Shanbo attended the ceremony in person. The ceremony was very successful.

The certificate for making donations to earthquake-stricken areas in Ya'an, Sichuan

On June 13, 2016, Bei'an YeePer Nuka Diary Co., Ltd. donated 300,000 yuan's worth of infant milk powder to poor families in Bayan County. In 2016, it worked with Dongsheng Village of Bei'an City to help farmers there shake off property as soon as possible

ADonation Ceremony for Bei'an YeePer Dairy to Make Donations to Earthquake-hit Areas in Ya'an

After a magnitude-7.0 earthquake struck Luchuan County, Ya'an City, Sichuanon April 20, 2014, the news that the earthquake-stricken areas were in urgent need of infant food worried numerous people. On April 22, Bei'an YeePer Diary donated 800,900 yuan's worth of infant milk powder to earthquake-stricken areas in Ya'an through China Women's Development Foundation. In order to promote property alleviation in designated villages of Heilongjiang and earnestly resolve the nutrition problems of children in poverty-stricken villages and poor families, the donation ceremony of Bei'an YeePer Dairy Group started at 10:00 a.m. The general manager Mr. Mou Shanbo attended the donation ceremony in person and the ceremony was very successful.

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