YeePer R&D teams has hundreds of engineers responsible for carrying out new product market surveys, developing new products, solving technical difficulties, formulating standard technical documents and providing technological support.

All members of the R&D team are highly-educated and skilled professionals. Mr. Mu Shanbo, president of YeePer graduated from Tianjin University of Science&Technology where he majored in dairy engineering 1996 and has engaged in dairy nutrient research and development since then. Mr. Hao Zhiliang, deputy general manager of Heilongjiang Bei'an YeePer Manufacturing Center, graduated from Northeast Agricultural University where he majored in food science and engineering and has engaged in the dairy industry for over 20 years. The chief engineer of the Group Mr. Na Zhengyang has engaged in dairy research for over 40 years. Mr. Suo Jingyang, general manager of Fuyu YeePer Manufacturing Center, graduated from Heilongjiang Bayi Agricultural University and has engaged in dairy management for over 25 years. Mr. Lv Xianyu, president of South Korea Gwangyang Manufacturing Center, graduated from Sino-European International Management Institute where he majored in EMBA and has engaged in dairy production management for 18 years. Finding talents and giving full scope to the talents have always been the talent strategy of our company.

Our company has made a plan for commercial land in Qingdao West Coast New Area, and plans to build a 1,000-odd-square meter dairy research and development base. At that time, the base will be equipped with the most advanced dairy research and development equipment in the world and attract first-rate research and development talents.

The operation of the new research and development base will definitely contribute to the business take-off of YeePer Dairy Group.

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