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We remain true to our original aspiration.

We adhere to the spirit of craftsmen.

We stick to our original aspiration for hundreds years.

This three sentences are the summary of our business philosophy.

YeePer company now has become a large group company. We have always adhered to the idea of worshiping nature and loving humans and undertaken our social responsibility.

Our company advocates independent innovation and has fully mastered the core techniques of dairy processing and Chinese milk powder has reached the world-class level. The awards that we won in succession at the Monde Selection have fully affirmed the quality of China-made milk powder.

Our company has completed the planning of the whole industry chain covering feeding, pastures, dairy processing and retail. Our company has three dairy processing and production centers, three sales companies and one modern pasture. Our company has carried out cross-border development and strategic cooperation. At present, our industrial distribution has been made in Asia and Europe.

Our company advocates that we should let professionals do their job and concentrate on one thing to achieve excellent results. Guaranteeing dairy product safety is our mission. Offering healthy and nutritious dairy products is our responsibility.

Our company follows the talent strategy of recruiting able people without overstressing qualifications. We welcome persons of lofty ideals to join YeePer for common development.

Thank you!

Mu Shanbo

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