Corporate Culture

Centering on Quality, Attaching Importance to Talents and Promoting Research and Development

Business ConceptEcological, Organic, Nutritive and Healthy.

Enterprise SpiritBeing Dedicated, Professional, Superior and Excellent.

Enterprise PurposeAll our efforts are only to produce a can of good milk powder.

Strategic CultureEcological, Organic, Green, Natural, Technological, Innovative, Nutritive and Healthy.

Talent CultureBuilding a Talent Platform, Exploring in Study, Improving in Work and Embodying the Value of Talents.

Management CultureInsisting on Market-oriented Management and Promoting Development by Seizing Opportunities.

Competition CultureEncouraging Competition, Improving in Competition and Realizing Optimization in Competition.

Product CultureWinning Trust by Good Quality, Enhancing the Brand by Trust, Creating Value by the Brand and Giving Back To the Society with the Value.

Core IdeaThe world is changing all the time but integrity never changes.

The rain drop and due moisten living beings to fresh the world and raw grass from the land contribute to the glory of Yeeper Dairy.

World-class product achievements are derived from our inner driving force of humane ambition.

We remain committed to our original wish and repay the society with love.

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