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The saying that the greatest kindness is like water derives from the Chinese classic philosophical text Daodejing and embodies the cream of Chinese philosophical concepts. The greatest kindness is like water nurturing all things without contending. Water is soft and flows on and on. Water either flows silently or surges forward violently. Water is tolerant and nurtures all things. The way of life is just like water.

There is a person who takes the saying that the greatest kindness is like water as his motto. He believes that the kindest persons should devote themselves to their country and people like water nurturing all things. This person is Mr. Mu Shanbo, the founder and president of YeePer Dairy Group Company. He loves his country and his family. He cares about the growth of children in China more. He has sworn to make the best China-made milk powder. He always said that we should let professionals do their job and concentrate on one thing to achieve excellent results. This simple slogan is similar to the saying that the greatest kindness is like water.

The saying that water dropping day by day wears the hardest rock away has inspired people to pursue their goals with perseverance. The saying that one should be as tolerant as the vast ocean which admits hundreds of rivers enlightens people to be tolerant and broad-minded.

The main pasture of YeePer lies at 47°degrees north latitude which is a recognized golden milk source belt in the world. The vast expanse of black earth nurtures natural organic grass and is suitable for cultivating corn and soybeans. The surging Amur and Wusili rivers are the gifts of nature. The north-south Wuyu'er River runs through the beautiful and fertile pasture. With natural eco-resources and a large area of organic grass, it is the most suitable region for the development of China's dairy industry.

The predecessor of YeePer is Heilongjiang Bei'an Dairy Factory founded in 1995. After decades of development, YeePer has developed a complete diary industry chain which integrates pasture-based farming, product research and development, dairy processing, packaging and transportation, O2O marketing and distribution. YeePer attaches importance to environmental protection and circular economy. The pasture uses cattle dung which has been harmlessly treated as organic manure for grass. Other liquids are also harmlessly treated and then discharged after meeting the emission standard. We enjoy the gift of nature and revere the sacred nature.

YeePer has three dairy processing centers which are located in Bei'an City of Heilongjiang Province, Fuyu County of Qiqihar City and Gwangyang of South Korea respectively, with annual output of 10,000 tons. YeePer has three domestic sales companies which are Qingdao Organic Food Co., Ltd., Changsha Bekari Co., Ltd. and HunanEulandDairy Co., Ltd., selling products nationwide. In China, 500 thousand families choose our products. The Heilongjiang Modern Pasture built independently by YeePer is an important milk source base of our company. Our company has thousands of lactating cows with daily output of 50-ton fresh milk. YeePer has soybean and corn cultivation bases for concentrated feed and thousands of mu of contracted natural pastures, and has built organic grass production bases. YeePer has really achieved the goal of growing good grass, raising good cow and producing good milk.

The manufacturing center of YeePer adopts the internationally advanced four-effect vacuum concentration and three-stage low-temperature drying technique and the drywet compound technique to effectively retain the nutrients of fresh milk. Our Class 10,000 GMP factory and national laboratory guarantee product safety and sanitation. YeePer has exceeded the advanced EU level in terms of microbial control.

YeePer has obtained the GMP certification, the HACCP production environment certification, the CNAS laboratory certification, the BRC global food safety standard certification and the ISO9001 quality management system certification.

YeePer has independently developed the whey desalination technique, the whey protein hydrolysis technique, the lactose hydrolysis technique and the fat encapsulation technique. YeePer takes the lead in the industry in terms of product research and development.

YeePer has four series of brand-name products:

The YeePer Cow Milk Formula Series represented by Probiotic Milk powder, the Bekari sheep Milk Formula Series represented by Sheep Time, the Organic Milk powder Formula Series represented by Organic and the Adult Formula Series represented by Euland.

YeePer is one of the earliest organic milk powder manufacturers in China, has obtained the national organic milk powder certification for consecutive years and is the first organic milk powder production base in China. The Sheep Milk Powder is a new product developed by our company in recent years. The high-end dairy product which takes 100% pure Sheep milk as the base material won the Monde SelectionGold Award known as the Food Nobel Prize when it attended the Monde Selection for the first time. With the spirit of craftsmen, the YeePer Probiotic Infant Formula Milk Powder won the highest award the Monde Selection Grand Gold Award in both 2016 and 2017. YeePer shoulders the responsibility of revitalizing China's dairy industry and takes the lead in reaching the world's first-rate level. YeePer will definitely go global and embrace the world.

The Operation Headquarters of Yeeper is in QingdaoWest Coast New Area, and has a management department, a market planning department, an international department, a financial department, a supply chain management department, an after-sales service department and a product R&D center.

The dairy industry is an industry full of love and sunshine. We work with heart and soul and run our company with love. We adhere to the idea of worshiping the nature and loving the people and putting people first.

Our vision is that we strive to become the best nutritious dairy product manufacturer in the world, focus on research and development of nutritious dairy products to make humans healthier and pay close attention to the growth of children worldwide.

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